What Was NOT Used To Built The Pyramids

Do not useEventually I will disclose the transportation system that was used by the Egyptians 5,000 years ago to build the pyramids. It works the same today but we don’t use 5,000 pound stone blocks to build anymore, so it has little use in our modern world.

But until then I hope to inspire you to do your own thinking and research.

I can disclose that 95% of the pyramid theories fall into these camps and are a waste of your research time:


The pyramid builders did not use one ramp in the construction of the pyramids. The ramp folks seem to be divided into various camps:

  1. The finished side of the pyramid was used to slide sledges up with a rock block strapped to it. That requires hundreds/thousands of folks working in the hot sun and it scratches and stains the pristine limestone casing blocks. So forget that idea.
  2. Internal ramps, hidden inside the pyramid itself, was how 2 million 5,000 pound blocks were hauled up and construction site trash was moved down. There is no sign that any hidden ramps are in the pyramids and you just can’t move that many blocks up with one ramp.
  3. Ramps were built from more rocks and rubble and hundreds of workers pulled ropes with blocks tied or resting on sledges. The ramps require almost as much material, labor, and time as the pyramid being built. Then the ramp must be dismantled and the rubble moved away. So forget that idea.

I don’t include a stairway, designed for pedestrian traffic, as a ramp – they had plenty of those.


NO levers were used to move and lift the 3 million blocks. Granted a stick was used to nudge blocks into final position but that’s only a few inches for each block.


Many theories require strong ropes to lift blocks. Ropes stand no chance against a limestone or granite block and would fray in no time resulting in a run away 5,000 pound block. Ropes are shown used to lift blocks with levers – again ropes don’t last long at a construction site. So forget that idea.

Wheels and pulleys

The Egyptians knew of circles and wheels but a wheel is worthless on sand and pulleys require rope which they did not want to risk. So forget those ideas.

Space Aliens

Really? No they are not needed to build all the pyramids.


Hope this helps in your research – forget all of the above, they were not used by the Egyptians…..

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