The Missing Components To Pyramid Building


Imagine 5,000 years from now a star ship from another galaxy drops by Earth and the surface of the Earth is highly radioactive and no living organisms exist, not even a virus. No DNA exists to reverse engineer the intelligent beings that once inhabited the planet. The surface is burned to a crisp and nothing remains of humans or their structures, except the Great Pyramid of Giza.

On the moon the Apollo landing sites remain in pristine condition, exactly like they were left 5,000 years earlier when Americans visited the moon.

Our intergalactic visitors study the landing sites and are impressed that the beings, probably from Earth, were advanced but they come to the conclusion that Earthlings never invented fire – they can’t find any evidence of fire in the landing sites.

They conclude that Earthlings must have invented anti-gravity warp drives while still living in caves and left Earth for a better planet. Since Earthlings never invented fire they could never have invented liquid and chemical rockets to lift them from Earth to the moon. Probably other space aliens visited Earth 10,000 years ago and showed them anti-gravity technology and that’s how they got to the moon and built the Great Pyramid of Giza. Our intergalactic visitors need space aliens in order for their crazy theory to work.

Sound familiar?

The reason no one can figure out how the pyramids were built is because there are missing components that allowed the Egyptians to easily build them with just a few thousand workers and not 10,000 or 100,000 workers. The Great Pyramid was constructed in just 10 years with time to spare.

Our job is to find these missing components and it becomes obvious that stone age people built the pyramids without the help of space aliens. The Giza plateau does not include these missing components and that was on purpose – only the Pharaohs and their engineers knew of there existence. They don’t appear on any painting on any wall; they are not mentioned in any writings from the time.

I’m guessing that the mention of these components, by anyone but the top engineers, would be met with instant death to the person, their entire family, and every person they knew. Think of the construction of the Great Pyramid on the level of building the first A-bomb under the Manhattan Project – except if you talked you and everyone you ever knew would be put to instant death.

I will show you……..

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