Hemiunu – Architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Statue-of-HemiunHemiunu was born in 2570 BC and was a relative of Khufu. He was buried next to the Great Pyramid of Giza that he built.

His statue depicts him as being obese – a sign of great wealth and importance in Egypt.

This man was a genius – his building, the Great Pyramid, was the tallest man-made structure on earth for 4,500 years. Today it would cost more money to reproduce his work than all the money of all the billionaires on earth.

Not that much is known about him – for a good reason; his genius was reserved for the pharaohs and not mortal men. What he did will never be duplicated by any human for as long as humans exist – that’s how much a genius he was.

He was an architect, mathematician, engineer, and the greatest project manager the earth has ever seen. He was on the level of Da Vinci, Tesla, and Einstein. Well, he built the pyramids and you can’t figure out how he did it; neither did the named geniuses above.

To this day, billions of people have admired his structure and can’t figure out how he did it. It is the greatest detective story of all time; nothing else comes even close.

This website is dedicated to Hemiunu and we will step into his sandals and reverse engineer the Great Pyramid.

We will investigate the math needed to build his pyramid – we will investigate the tools he used to design, manage, and build the pyramid and all the choices he was faced with and the ones he probably selected.

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