Great Pyramid Statistics



Let’s list the statistics of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Shall we use feet, meters, or Royal Egyptian Cubits?

Well what did Hemiunu use? Royal Egyptian Cubits (RC from now on – don’t confuse them with any other kind of cubit)

We will be converting between all three systems throughout this website:

1 RC = .5236 meters
1 RC = 20.6102362 inches or 1.7175 feet

1 foot = 0.582235 RC
1 foot = 0.3048 meter

1 meter = 1.9102 RC
1 meter = 3.2808399 feet



Great Pyramid of Giza size:

RCs: Height – 280, Base – 440, Slant side: 356

Meters: Height – 146.61, Base – 230.38, Slant side: 186.40

Feet: Height – 480.9, Base – 755.7, Slant side: 611.43

Ratios of Pi:

Base/Height = 440 RCs/280 RCs = 1.5714 * 2 = 3.142857 = π


Great Pyramid Angles

Angles of Pi:

Φ=51.87º measured =tan(4/π) = 51.854º theoretical

Θ=42.01º measured = tan(4/π*√2) = 42.0º theoretical


 Alignment to true North:


The Great Pyramid is aligned to True North and not magnetic North. Finding True North is easy and takes just a few minutes. Finding True North was done dozens of times a day by the survey team. Every new row of the pyramid was aligned this way as it was being built.

There were 210 stone horizontal rows in the pyramid and each row was aligned with True North within a few millimeters.


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