Did Space Aliens Build The Pyramids?

ufo-pyramidsSometimes we humans can’t figure out things and our brains are hard-wired to find some solution – any solution no matter how crazy.

Space aliens did not build the pyramids – stone age people of 2,500 BC easily constructed the pyramids; they built them by the dozens.

That goes for anti-gravitational machines or flying machines or other crazy notions that folks have cooked up over 5,000 years.

Some folks think that the pyramids were built 10,000 years ago by a super-human race that left earth for outer space – that would be a no.

Others think that the 5,000 pound stone blocks were made of limestone concrete cast in place – that’s another no.

Still others think that water was used to flood the pyramid under construction and float the 5,000 pound blocks into place. The only water used on the construction site was drunk by the workers.

There are dozens/hundreds of crazy theories on how the Egyptians built their monuments to their gods – all of them are wrong; but many are funny.

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