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pyramid-of-khafre.jpgHi and welcome to How They Built The Pyramids.

My pen name is Khufu for this website. I am an engineer and I am cursed with an over abundance of common sense. For 5,000 years folks have guessed how the pyramids were built and no one has guessed correctly – until now.

I have never been to Egypt, I am not an expert on Egyptian pyramids, I don’t sell books on pyramids, and I am quite sane – I am just an engineer who figured out how another engineer built the pyramids 5,000 years ago – I will show you how it was done.

This website is a place for me to show you what I have found and for you to question me and propose alternatives.

If you want to know the secret of pyramid construction you are going to have to read the articles here – I am writing articles in the order of my research.

Gold String

I will tell you this, the secret of how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built is this small piece of gold braided string; without it, the Egyptians could never have built the pyramids.

Let me show you how they used that one tiny string to build the pyramids and changed the world….

(If you know how the gold braided string was used to build the pyramids please contact me – we should talk).

The Missing Components To Pyramid Building


Imagine 5,000 years from now a star ship from another galaxy drops by Earth and the surface of the Earth is highly radioactive and no living organisms exist, not even a virus. No DNA exists to reverse engineer the intelligent beings that once inhabited the planet. The surface is burned to a crisp and nothing remains of humans or their structures, except the Great Pyramid of Giza.

On the moon the Apollo landing sites remain in pristine condition, exactly like they were left 5,000 years earlier when Americans visited the moon.

Our intergalactic visitors study the landing sites and are impressed that the beings, probably from Earth, were advanced but they come to the conclusion that Earthlings never invented fire – they can’t find any evidence of fire in the landing sites.

They conclude that Earthlings must have invented anti-gravity warp drives while still living in caves and left Earth for a better planet. Since Earthlings never invented fire they could never have invented liquid and chemical rockets to lift them from Earth to the moon. Probably other space aliens visited Earth 10,000 years ago and showed them anti-gravity technology and that’s how they got to the moon and built the Great Pyramid of Giza. Our intergalactic visitors need space aliens in order for their crazy theory to work.

Sound familiar?

The reason no one can figure out how the pyramids were built is because there are missing components that allowed the Egyptians to easily build them with just a few thousand workers and not 10,000 or 100,000 workers. The Great Pyramid was constructed in just 10 years with time to spare.

Our job is to find these missing components and it becomes obvious that stone age people built the pyramids without the help of space aliens. The Giza plateau does not include these missing components and that was on purpose – only the Pharaohs and their engineers knew of there existence. They don’t appear on any painting on any wall; they are not mentioned in any writings from the time.

I’m guessing that the mention of these components, by anyone but the top engineers, would be met with instant death to the person, their entire family, and every person they knew. Think of the construction of the Great Pyramid on the level of building the first A-bomb under the Manhattan Project – except if you talked you and everyone you ever knew would be put to instant death.

I will show you……..

The Great Pyramid Was Built At Night

pyramids at night

I believe that the vast majority of the work done at the Pyramids was done at night and in total silence. The moon provided the necessary light.

Each night, as the sun set, a vast transportation network was custom built for that night’s model mix of blocks to be moved from the harbor, quarries or storage areas. 40 ton granite monoliths moved in parallel with 15 ton casing stones moving in parallel with 1 – 3 ton core blocks. Construction of this transportation network took place in the first hour as the sun was setting by the same workers who then moved the blocks on that network.

Each artery is highly optimized for the blocks that moved on them that night. 5,000 pound stone blocks started to move towards the pyramid, each powered by just one worker. 3 workers move 15 ton casing stones and 15 workers move 40 ton granite monoliths each on their own highly optimized artery. All blocks moved along at 1 mile in 15 minutes; a fast walking pace.

In the morning, as sunlight started to appear, this very complex transportation system was dismantled and hidden in the sand and ready for a new configuration the next night. During the day, the transportation network did not exist and no one could figure out how the stone blocks were moved to the pyramid; hence the reason no paintings or writings exist on how the Egyptians built the pyramids.

Using this portable transportation system, one worker could move a 5,000 pound block one mile, in 15 minutes blindfolded, and not a sound was made. During an 8 hour shift one worker moved 8 blocks to the base of the pyramid 2 and 1/2 miles away. Moving 1,000 blocks each night, in total silence, required just 125 men. I estimate that 3 parallel arteries worked simultaneously so any mechanical breakage would not bring the transpiration system to a halt and a robust model mix of blocks moved at a fast pace.

No sound was made in the movement of the blocks. No trace was left, on the Giza foot paths, the next day that 5 million pounds of stone blocks were moved the night before. The foot path surface could be bedrock, crushed stone, dirt, sand, mud, it didn’t matter a bit. A moon calendar dictated the transportation and lifting schedule.

This also means that the lifting of the blocks from the base up to the active work zone was done at night and in total silence too. There were 1,000 2-man lift teams each lifting a 5,000 pound block up one row in just 1 minute. Working at night affords secrecy and a much cooler work environment. The same transportation system that moved the blocks miles from the quarries or harbor was used to move the blocks up the pyramid.

Each 2-man lift team moved one block up one row, handed it off to the next 2-man team, and returned to their station, one row lower – in just 5 minutes; that means each 2-man lift team could move about 100 blocks each night. 10 teams were needed for each level and at an average of 100 levels that means 2,000 lift workers were busy each night. They were provided with warm food and cold water during their shift.

That means 2,125 workers were needed to move and lift the 1,000 5,000 pound blocks each night. With 2,500,000 blocks to be moved this took 2,500 days or 8 years each with 300 work days per year. Our worker worked 6 days with 1 day for rest per week. Food, water, firewood, mortar cement, and tools would also be moved up the pyramid at night for the next day’s craftsmen usage.

The stone masons laying and cementing the blocks in place would work during the day but under tents to protect them from the broiling African sun and prying eyes. The portable transportation system allowed each mason to move the 5,000 pound block by himself and accurately move and align each block into it’s final resting spot. Each mason could move and place 4 blocks per hour so less than 50 masons were needed to set 1,000 blocks each day.

To outsiders, the pyramids were magically growing from the hands of gods. Nothing of the construction could be recorded and painted on walls – no one outside the construction site had any idea how this was being done.

From a job site management point of view two shifts of workers means that the pyramid could be constructed much faster. It also means that the work site would not be as busy at any one instant and that means a safer work site. The workers were paid craftsmen with skills and protecting them means a safer, healthier, and happier work force.

My guess is that there were just 2,300 skilled craftsmen were working at the Giza site for 8 years to build the pyramid. Throw in an equal amount for support personnel then about 5,000 workers worked at Giza to build the Great Pyramid in 10 years.

The skilled craftsmen were fed 3 hot meals a day, provided housing for their families, and even may have taken a week vacation per year. They were paid a wage and lived a comfortable middle-class Egyptian life. Schools were built to teach the crafts to new workers. No slaves were required nor wanted.

Stone masons and some of the lift crews lived for a week, at a time, at the top construction zone when construction of tier 50 and beyond occurred. Climbing up 50 tiers of blocks took almost one hour and was exhausting; crew gangs spent one week on and one week off the top level construction zone. The Great Pyramid had 220 tiers of blocks – climbing up or down would take half a day at the higher elevations.

In the time it took you to read this article, 5,000 years ago one Egyptian worker at Giza would have moved a 5,000 pound limestone block one football field away; and you think you are the advanced civilization! Yeah, right.

and no, the Egyptians didn’t use anything as crude as the wheel, and they didn’t use one ramp anywhere in the project, same with levers – only the final placement of each block had a lever to nudge it into place; they used their brains and not brawn to build the pyramids.

I will show you how this was all done……

The Great Pyramid’s Beacon


The same transportation system that moved blocks from the quarries to the boats to the harbor to the base of the pyramid and finally up the pyramid to their final resting location was installed at the top of the pyramid.

Instead of moving 5,000 pound blocks, the transportation system moved photons from the sun to a gold reflector and became a gold beacon that could be seen for 50 miles away during the day in all 360 degrees. I know this sounds far fetched but the transportation system they built works today just as well as it did 5,000 years ago; and I have built a model of this apex to the pyramids.

From sun up to sun down a gold light, almost as bright as the sun, showed the power of the Pharaohs and did so for thousands of years.


Great Pyramid Statistics



Let’s list the statistics of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Shall we use feet, meters, or Royal Egyptian Cubits?

Well what did Hemiunu use? Royal Egyptian Cubits (RC from now on – don’t confuse them with any other kind of cubit)

We will be converting between all three systems throughout this website:

1 RC = .5236 meters
1 RC = 20.6102362 inches or 1.7175 feet

1 foot = 0.582235 RC
1 foot = 0.3048 meter

1 meter = 1.9102 RC
1 meter = 3.2808399 feet



Great Pyramid of Giza size:

RCs: Height – 280, Base – 440, Slant side: 356

Meters: Height – 146.61, Base – 230.38, Slant side: 186.40

Feet: Height – 480.9, Base – 755.7, Slant side: 611.43

Ratios of Pi:

Base/Height = 440 RCs/280 RCs = 1.5714 * 2 = 3.142857 = π


Great Pyramid Angles

Angles of Pi:

Φ=51.87º measured =tan(4/π) = 51.854º theoretical

Θ=42.01º measured = tan(4/π*√2) = 42.0º theoretical


 Alignment to true North:


The Great Pyramid is aligned to True North and not magnetic North. Finding True North is easy and takes just a few minutes. Finding True North was done dozens of times a day by the survey team. Every new row of the pyramid was aligned this way as it was being built.

There were 210 stone horizontal rows in the pyramid and each row was aligned with True North within a few millimeters.


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What Was NOT Used To Built The Pyramids

Do not useEventually I will disclose the transportation system that was used by the Egyptians 5,000 years ago to build the pyramids. It works the same today but we don’t use 5,000 pound stone blocks to build anymore, so it has little use in our modern world.

But until then I hope to inspire you to do your own thinking and research.

I can disclose that 95% of the pyramid theories fall into these camps and are a waste of your research time:


The pyramid builders did not use one ramp in the construction of the pyramids. The ramp folks seem to be divided into various camps:

  1. The finished side of the pyramid was used to slide sledges up with a rock block strapped to it. That requires hundreds/thousands of folks working in the hot sun and it scratches and stains the pristine limestone casing blocks. So forget that idea.
  2. Internal ramps, hidden inside the pyramid itself, was how 2 million 5,000 pound blocks were hauled up and construction site trash was moved down. There is no sign that any hidden ramps are in the pyramids and you just can’t move that many blocks up with one ramp.
  3. Ramps were built from more rocks and rubble and hundreds of workers pulled ropes with blocks tied or resting on sledges. The ramps require almost as much material, labor, and time as the pyramid being built. Then the ramp must be dismantled and the rubble moved away. So forget that idea.

I don’t include a stairway, designed for pedestrian traffic, as a ramp – they had plenty of those.


NO levers were used to move and lift the 3 million blocks. Granted a stick was used to nudge blocks into final position but that’s only a few inches for each block.


Many theories require strong ropes to lift blocks. Ropes stand no chance against a limestone or granite block and would fray in no time resulting in a run away 5,000 pound block. Ropes are shown used to lift blocks with levers – again ropes don’t last long at a construction site. So forget that idea.

Wheels and pulleys

The Egyptians knew of circles and wheels but a wheel is worthless on sand and pulleys require rope which they did not want to risk. So forget those ideas.

Space Aliens

Really? No they are not needed to build all the pyramids.


Hope this helps in your research – forget all of the above, they were not used by the Egyptians…..

Hemiunu – Architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Statue-of-HemiunHemiunu was born in 2570 BC and was a relative of Khufu. He was buried next to the Great Pyramid of Giza that he built.

His statue depicts him as being obese – a sign of great wealth and importance in Egypt.

This man was a genius – his building, the Great Pyramid, was the tallest man-made structure on earth for 4,500 years. Today it would cost more money to reproduce his work than all the money of all the billionaires on earth.

Not that much is known about him – for a good reason; his genius was reserved for the pharaohs and not mortal men. What he did will never be duplicated by any human for as long as humans exist – that’s how much a genius he was.

He was an architect, mathematician, engineer, and the greatest project manager the earth has ever seen. He was on the level of Da Vinci, Tesla, and Einstein. Well, he built the pyramids and you can’t figure out how he did it; neither did the named geniuses above.

To this day, billions of people have admired his structure and can’t figure out how he did it. It is the greatest detective story of all time; nothing else comes even close.

This website is dedicated to Hemiunu and we will step into his sandals and reverse engineer the Great Pyramid.

We will investigate the math needed to build his pyramid – we will investigate the tools he used to design, manage, and build the pyramid and all the choices he was faced with and the ones he probably selected.

Pharaoh King Khufu

King-KhufuThe Great Pyramid of Giza was the tomb of King Khufu.

King Khufu ruled Egypt in the 4th dynasty of the Old Kingdom, from 2551 to 2528 – BC (23 years). About the only thing we know of him is a tiny 8 inch statue of him on the left; and, of course, the largest single object ever built by hand by man – the Great Pyramid.

Khufu contributed little to the pyramid except the wealth of Egypt to build the pyramid. He probably ordered the pyramid built soon after becoming Pharaoh – and probably wanted it ready for him in 20 years. 

Beyond that the man was tiny in comparison to the engineers who executed his wishes,


Did Space Aliens Build The Pyramids?

ufo-pyramidsSometimes we humans can’t figure out things and our brains are hard-wired to find some solution – any solution no matter how crazy.

Space aliens did not build the pyramids – stone age people of 2,500 BC easily constructed the pyramids; they built them by the dozens.

That goes for anti-gravitational machines or flying machines or other crazy notions that folks have cooked up over 5,000 years.

Some folks think that the pyramids were built 10,000 years ago by a super-human race that left earth for outer space – that would be a no.

Others think that the 5,000 pound stone blocks were made of limestone concrete cast in place – that’s another no.

Still others think that water was used to flood the pyramid under construction and float the 5,000 pound blocks into place. The only water used on the construction site was drunk by the workers.

There are dozens/hundreds of crazy theories on how the Egyptians built their monuments to their gods – all of them are wrong; but many are funny.

Egyptian Mathematics

Egyptian Math

numbersAs an engineer, I am only as good as the mathematics I have at my disposal – the same went for Hemiunu.

I’ve scoured the internet and here is what I found the Egyptians had as mathematics 5,000 years ago:

(I don’t claim to be an expert at ancient Egyptian mathematics so I may have left out something)

Egyptians could do:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Square roots
  • Fractions
  • Areas
  • Volumes
  • Calculate π (355/113)=3.14159 or 22/7=3.14286

Here are some interesting videos that explain their math:




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